Harassment Policy

Harassment Policy

This Harassment Policy applies to the employees, volunteers, and Board Members of Fundy Youth Soccer Club (FYSC).


FYSC has established this policy to ensure that employees, volunteers, and Board Members are aware of what conduct within the FYSC environment constitutes harassment.



The FYSC environment, defined as, anywhere FYSC business is being conducted including FYSC offices and buildings, athletic fields, gymnasiums, personal vehicles, meeting spaces, washrooms, hotels, and any location of a sanctioned club function or banquet, strives to be free from harassment, defined as, discriminatory acts that adversely affect specific individuals or groups on prohibited grounds as defined in the Canadian Human Rights Act

Discriminatory acts create an intimidating, threatening, coercive or hostile environment such that:

 An individual’s or group’s performance is impaired.

 The employment or volunteer relationship is adversely affected.

 The individual’s or group’s dignity or respect is denied.


Prohibited grounds include:

 Race

 National or ethnic origin

 Colour

 Religion/Creed

 Age

 Sex

 Sexual Orientation

 Gender Identity or Expression

 Marital status

 Family status

 Genetic Characteristics

 Disability

 Conviction for which a pardon has been granted or in respect of which a record suspension has been ordered


Harassment also includes sexual harassment, defined as, a one-time or repeated comment, gesture, contact, or conduct, which in all cases isof a sexual nature and is known or ought reasonably to be known as being unwelcome to the recipient. Sexual harassment can target employees of all genders, sexual orientations and levels in the organization.

 Sexual harassment conduct can be overt or implicit, and may include:

 Physical contact

 Placing a condition of a sexual nature on employment, rewards, avoidance of punishment, or opportunities for training, transfers or promotion

 Demands for sexual favours

 Implied or actual threats to the complainant or his/her job

 Sexual innuendo (even perhaps disguised by humour)

 Touching and patting

 Remarks that are sexually suggestive

 Verbal abuse about gender

 Any circulation or display including by electronic means, of visual material of a sexual nature

 Repeated requests to spend time together when off-duty or outside of regular working hours

 Gifts to the complainant

In cases of sexual harassment within the FYSC environment, acomplainant is defined as anyperson initiating a harassment complaint, and, a respondent is defined as any person who is the alleged harasser, including anyone who comes into contact with employees and/or volunteers in the course of their employment and/or appointment, such as suppliers, vendors, clients or customers. 



Maintaining confidentiality is the responsibility of all parties involved in the harassment complaint process including the complainant and respondent. FYSC will endeavor to maintain confidentiality throughout any investigation process and thereafter; however, guarantees cannot be given that names and information provided during an investigation will not be revealed to others, where disclosure is necessary, e.g. to enable an effective investigation, take remedial action, and/or when required by law.


Expectations and Responsibilities

Each employee and volunteer is expected to fulfill the following responsibilities as related to harassment within the FYSC environment:

 Act in a manner that is positive and respectful of every individual to support an environment that is free from harassment, as defined in this policy.

 Comply with the terms of this policy.

 If possible, make their disapproval and specific objections known to the person whose behaviour is in question.

 Keep a written record of dates and times of unacceptable behaviour and the names of witnesses to the incidents.

 Report the alleged incident(s) within a reasonable period after experiencing or witnessing the behaviour.

 Report the alleged incident(s) to the person with whom they feel comfortable talking.


Each Board Member is expected to fulfill the following responsibilities as related to harassment within the FYSC environment:

 Ensure the workplace is free from harassment as defined in this policy.

 Ensure employees and volunteers are informed of the harassment policy.

 Contact the Club President and/or Vice President immediately and respond in a timely manner to employee or volunteer complaint(s).

 In conjunction with Club President and/or Vice President, begins a course of action to remedy and prevent re-occurrence.

 Where appropriate, oversee complaint(s) through to resolution.

 Implement corrective action when necessary.

Employees and volunteers are encouraged to contact any Board Member for assistance.



Harassment is not acceptable and will not be tolerated within the FYSC environment. Violation of the Harassment Policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination with cause of volunteer and/or paid position. Regardless of the outcome, if a report is made in good faith the complainant making the report as well as anyone providing information during an investigation will be protected from retaliation. Retaliation in any form against a complainant, witness or any party involved in an investigation, is unacceptable and will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. Where the complaint is determined to be of a vexatious nature or made in bad faith, appropriate action may be taken against the complainant and/or appropriate parties. Where violations do occur, every reasonable effort will be made by FYSC to remedy the effects of harassment.